2021 is coming to and end. What’s next for eyewear fashion?

Put your personality, style, and vibe front and center. Glasses & sunglasses can be one of the most expressive things you can wear, and if staying AHEAD of the trends is a priority, Coopers Optique is the right place.

European style differs pretty much in comparison to style in Los Angeles or NYC. Europe has always been fashion forward with most of the trends emerging in the fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris and London before the reach Los Angeles.

When you come into Coopers Optique's eyewear gallery you will see just that, fashion that is European driven, ahead of U.S. fashion and ahead of U.S. fashion trends.

We have done some digging around, met with our reps and after doing our homework, we have put together a list of what to expect in 2022 and what should be on your shopping list to stay ahead of the curb.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by: IG @BunniDevereaux ⠀Model: IG @therowanruthless ⠀Frames: @jfreyeyewear ⠀


Be there or be square

Being square in this case isn't a bad thing.

Circles may still be front and center, but squares are coming back. Treat yourself to a little vintage with retro plastic frames in square and rectangular shapes. Slip into a studious, what’s-the-scoop, 1950s newsroom state of mind and go bold with boxy silhouettes.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by: Emily B.⠀Plant: IG @roriblooms⠀Frames: IG Sabine Be

Space travel an fashion

Traveling to the moon in the 60's to citizen space trips in the 2020's, who knows how soon until we can visit Mars. So, we have to ask– what fashion are our extra terrestrial friends sporting? Metallics are in – take inspiration from the stars and shine. Bring brightness into your everyday with metallic frames.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by :Emily B.⠀Plant: IG @roriblooms⠀Frames: @matttew_eyewear ⠀

Eco-friendly upgrades

Shopping with a conscience is a trend with a purpose. We’re all about looking for ways to make a difference. Wear your eco-friendly choices on your face with Feb31st.

These glasses could tell you a few stories of their own – each pair of frames is made from trees specifically grown for this purpose, but also uses the leftovers for other eco-friendly projects. When there was a huge hurricane that took out large amounts of forest, Feb31st found a way to use the damaged wood and make eyewear. And it’s not just about feeling good – sustainability is stylish.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by: Emily B.⠀Plant: IG @roriblooms⠀Frames: IG Feb31st


Take the minimalistic approach 

Think uniform: industrial, streamlined lines – we’re talking double frame lines, attention to detail rather than bold, understated yet in your face.

Bring your eyewear on board and look for understated, timeless styles. We’re loving versatile yet distinct thin acetate or metal frames in bold shapes.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by: IG Emily B⠀Plant: IG @roriblooms⠀Frames: @jfreyeyewear ⠀

The truth is in the detail

Fashion thrives on contradiction – bold against minimalism, mute against colorful and soft against hard lines. Fashion find ways to incorporate excess into every corner of your ensemble. Let’s make this complicated – create a perfect storm of prints, glitter and mismatch colors.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by: IG Emily B⠀Plant: IG @roriblooms⠀Frames: @hapter

Colors speak louder than words

2022 is all about bold, juicy tones that look good enough to eat. Deep red, vibrant blue, rich purple, luscious lavender – be as adventurous as you dare and overindulge yourself on gem tones.

Jump into fearless purple, blue, or red glasses frames that give your day a statement-making thrill, or blend them effortlessly into your planned out ensemble.

Photo information: ⠀Photographed by: Emily B.⠀Plant: IG @roriblooms⠀Frames: IG Sabine Be

Get ready to take these eyewear trends and make them your own! Jump on our website to book an appointment or just come by! #stayaheadofthegame