Beauty of the hidden gems…

When we open our doors to the public we will have 10 lines- these two lines may not have a high quantity of frames, but the quality speaks volumes for the design and the designers. And it’s not to say that we can bring in the designers and their full collections.

About 25 miles outside of Sacramento is an optical store called EyeChicks Eyewear. A high end boutique specializing in unique, beautiful European lines. The owner? Davette Fournier.

Among the highly eccentric and unique lines that Devette carries are two lines that Coopers Optique fell in love with. And honestly, it goes beyond just the amazing designs, styles and eclectic craftsmanship. It actually was the faces of the the lines, the designers that I fell in love with. A married couple Davette Fournier (Davette Lunettes) & Stephen Fournier (Casanova).

Being a new store on a big city with plenty of established companies around, its nerve racking jumping on, throwing your name out there, and finding the brands that go with the vision we were creating. But when I walked into their suite at Vision Expo West in late 2019, it was immediate chemistry. The two literally welcome me with hugs (which during these times, I remember and value past hugs greatly). I remember we stumbled in near the end of the day. They mentioned they were having dinner soon, and I replied I was just taking a peek. It wasn’t until three hours later we realized they were missing dinner.

The two took so much time to get to know me, my past and my journey to get to where I was with Coopers Optique. Not only did they listen, they cared! Then they opened their under-the-radar hidden beauties. Within looking at two models, I knew I would be lucky if they even considered letting me display their lines in my new eyewear gallery. See I think the public is under the impression that we just choose which lines we want, and we get to carry them. In most cases, of the mass produced and over-valued lines that may be the case, hence why you see them in every store around town.

But to come across not one, but TWO lines, designed by a married couple, in the states, and willing to take a chance on me was rare! Not only are they putting trust in my vision to carry their lines, but they are also offering a limited amount of exposure in the area so I can build a true following! They could have easily picked several optical stores on the area and capitalized on sales, they could have easily walked in to a well established optical store with guaranteed sales, but they decided to take a chance on me!

They saw the passion I had to make my dream succeed, and part of that was finding lines that I fell in love with, was passionate about, invested in, and had a story. Just like with our other lines, I wanted to personally know the designers, it allows me to have communication in understanding everything. Why they chose a certain color, pattern or material.

Davette and Stephen have gone above and beyond! They’ve connected me with other designers in the industry to help beef up our amazing industry, they have personally checked on me during the build out, and Stephen even came up to see the progress!

Davette Lunettes’ new collection offers a mix of vintage French  flair with alluring details such as tattooing, and hand set crystals. Designs that evoke mood, creativity and fabulous personality are the cornerstone of her approach.

Casanova is the creation of a timeless article. Its current direction continues to be inspired by independent artists, art movements, and holds dear the treasured heritage of the 1900’s. The iconic image of it’s unique Venetian design character, hand applied cloisonné colors, and enviable architectures, has afforded Casanova Eyewear a world class reputation as the leader in creation of art-centric eyewear under the trademarks with the Made in Italy certification.

The stories behind the lines, designs, and the designers are why we are so passionately in love with these pieces of art. These are two of our strongest pillars of what products we want to provide!

We can’t wait to open so you can come in and see these beauties in person!