Being the Unicorn

Being the Unicorn

Another optical retail store? Can’t I get glasses at my doctors office? Why do I need to make another trip to a different store to buy glasses? Can’t I just go to Costco? Where is the value in going to your store?

Yes, another optical store. Yes, you can get glasses at your doctors office. Yes, you would need to make another trip. Yes, you can go to Costco. The value? The answer to that last question will suffice anyone asking the first four questions.

The value of coming to Coopers Optique isn’t just monetary, and Coopers Optique is most certainly not a place to come “buy a pair of glasses.” It is so much more than that, but so simple.

Family, community, safe haven, place of expression… these are just a few terms I have heard my clients use when they describe me, Coopers Optique, or our relationship as an Optician/client.

Anyone can find the means to open a retail optical store, carry some lines, and wait for the “patients” to come in and buy glasses. But I am pushing the envelope and switching up the game.

Coopers Optique isn’t opening up until early 2020, and instead of sitting around and waiting, I (Zac) had a vision to do everything different. I set 3 main goals to achieve before I even open the doors to the public.

1) Be a part of the community: When I say be a part of the community, I mean it. Coopers Optique joined GSBA, Queen Anne and Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and several other networking events. The idea to join these groups were not just to get Coopers Optique’s name out there, but find unique and powerful ways to give back. Finding foundations that provide funding to youths with lower income but thrive to join competitive industries. Another foundation that provides scholarships to LGBTQ youths.

2) Give back: As you may have read throughout my other BLOG’s, I was given another chance at life. Receiving a kidney from my husband last year, I vowed to find ways to make a change, even if it’s one small way. I have researched and decided that one way Coopers Optique can give back and connect with the community is to find different foundations to donate to. In example, this month is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” so for every pair of glasses I sell that have pink in the frame, I am donating 10% of that purchase to their foundation.

3) Be involved and present: There is a huge difference from saying I am donating portions of sales or joining networking groups. So I plan to do more. Coopers Optique will be hosting events at the store, art gallery showings, fashion shows, city meetings… whatever the community needs, I will provide a space and outlet for them at no charge. Also, throughout the year I will find various opportunities to donate time… Helping out local schools with eye exams for children, assisting with local homeless shelters.

I am going to try and stand out. I want to be the place that is known for more than just selling an amazing selection of eyewear, or having great customer service… I want to be known as the owner that is involved, cares, and gives back.

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