Coopers Optique Stands Out

Coopers Optique Stands Out

I had the privilege of going to an independently operated Eyewear Expo in Portland Oregon called The After Party this past weekend. Driving from Seattle to Portland, one has plenty of time to think, process, and of course jam to some nice 80’s music. Typically, with a three-year-old in the car I am imprisoned to listen to “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” or the never ending and overplayed “Baby Shark.”

Going to this Expo show reminded me of my vision for Coopers Optique and boosted my confidence to yet again follow my dreams.

When I decided to move forward with Coopers Optique, I went to Sin City, Las Vegas to attend the West Coast Expo show. I felt so prepared, confident, and excited. I picked out my 10 designers, I knew exactly what I was going to purchase and what I wanted to carry. My first designer I met with much excitement. I immediately started flipping frames, choosing all the newest styles, trends and colors. With a deep selection of nearly sixty pieces, I felt accomplished and was ready to move on with my list.

With time in between my appointments, I decided to browse the suites and see what else was out there. Then was the rude awakening… I was playing it safe. I saw what I had chosen and compared it to several designers out there and realized this isn’t what I wanted. When I made Coopers Optique, I kept saying “I’m going to do this different, I am going to set myself aside from everyone else.” But the reality is, can you do things different, can you set yourself apart if you are carrying the same designers as 60% of all the other optical stores? Can you set yourself apart if you are carrying all the same black, tortoise, or square frames that everyone else is?

I made a juristic and exciting choice right then and there. I cancelled my first order, threw out my list, and cancelled all my appointments. From here on out it was walking and seeing what hidden gems I could find. And the rest of the weekend was amazingly fun! I started finding designers from France, Paris, Denmark, L.A and so many other places. Not only was I meeting the reps for these lines, but physically meeting the designers. Hearing their stories of where they came from and what inspired them for the current collections really was my inspiration to follow my vision.

Right and left I picked out my 10 lines. All unique, independently owned, not mass produced and each providing a story. From frames that are 3D printed, made of rubber, made of coffee beans to frames with no screws, and made from trees farmed in Texas. We found lines not only unique, but that we have exclusivity to.

We have 1 line in which we are the only optical store in Washington carrying it, and three lines that we are the only optical store in Seattle carrying. This reassures our clients that they won’t see their frames every time they turn the corner.

I want Coopers Optique to be your eyewear fashion consultant – curating a sophisticated array of new, vintage, and custom brands from all over the world. If you’re in search of the perfect pair off funky, unique eyewear or sunglasses, Coopers Optique is where you can truly express yourself. I would almost dare to say if you are looking for your standard black square frame- I might not be for you. I do carry a few black square frames, and tortoise frames, but you won’t see a large selection of your “safe” or “standard” pieces of eyewear.

My vision was to be the Seattle store that pushed eyeglass wearers to own their vision needs, embrace their creative and fashionable side! So if you are looking for a frame that speaks to you, that don’t just make you blend into the crowd, I am your place! I am here to help you find your next great image statement.

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