Coopers Optique’s fashion of 2021…

With 2021 full of unknowns, Coopers Optique has taken the time to let you know what eyewear fashion is looking like and what Coopers Optique is going to be focusing on to keep providing you with amazing options!

Just like in 2020, we will be focusing on quality materials and elegant classic design. If you are shopping the luxury high-end side of the market, eyeglass frames are becoming more intricately detailed: lots of clean lines, mixed with filigree and more exotic materials. But done subtly is the secret. Coopers Optique may stay on trend with shapes, but we always aim to find a way to stand out and make our pieces unique.

1. Seeing New Tints in Translucent Frames
Translucent crystal frames have always been a hit, but now translucent burgundy, grey, rose, champagne, citrine, green, and browns that are currently catching eyes. These translucent frames almost act as a neutral, and pair well with most outfits: a great classic to have in your wardrobe. These beautiful translucent mint green glasses are new to the Spectacle Eyeworks collection and are stunning.

2. Combination Material Frames go Thin or Bold
The combination-material vibe stays steady, but we are kicking it up a notch in 2021! Frames are being combined with exceptionally thin or thick bold looks. Middle-of-the-road constructions are starting to feel bland. Look for very thin translucent acetate combined with thin titanium temples and/or bridge for an on point look. If you go heavier/bold, look for frames with details like sculpted facets, steps, and textures. With these bold looks, don’t go oversize. A tailored fit is best. Combining materials is our jam. These frames are a perfect example, with the combination of stainless steel, surgical steel and rubber, bold and distinct details bring this Hapter line to life!

3. Lens Shapes Turn a Corner
When it comes to eyewear shapes, the style trends stay round, or are deep squares. Thick rectangles are still out. Aviators in both metal and acetate are still in, but this season only in the round lens shape, not teardrop. The retro 70s teardrop styles of a few years ago are feeling dated. The trend now is the round aviator, although not perfectly round. This subtle shape change, make all the difference. Sabine Be is known for pushing the envelope. Taking shapes just like the tear dropped aviator, but adding a twist with connection over the bridge.

4. Lens Treatments & Eyeglass Lens Trends
Blue Light Filter
The blue light filter lens has been a must in 2020 since most people have increased their screen time for zoom meetings, school, work, and facetiming friends and family!. Many people are reaching for this lens to help reduce the blue light glare caused by your computer, cell phone or other devices and the sun. This lens has an extra filter imbedded that will help relax your eyes and reduce strain. Don’t forget even if you don’t wear a prescription you still can get non-prescription blue light filter lenses and don’t forget the kids!

5. Sunglass Trends
Sunglass trends has always been multiple decades of style trends when it comes to eyewear: hyper trends that may not last, runway trends, and decade trends. Hyper trends are typically dispensed by lower quality brands trying to churn out the glasses as quickly as possible using the cheapest material and labor available. Runway trends have a bit more longevity, and will last through multiple seasons or a few years. Decade trends are more of your classic styles that stand the test of time and avoid short term trend waves.
Coopers Optique is aiming to provide high-end options for all three trends!

Ultra sporty frames with or without a flash mirror are currently popular.

Smaller round (80s/90s), and medium-sized cateyes or rectangular frames have been seen on the runway. These trends have been on the couture circuit for several seasons, and have made their way to ready-to-wear collections. Consider the thinner “Prada’esque” rectangular trend or medium size cat eye to add seasonal feel to your wardrobe. But we’ll add that they may not become a staple pair.

P3 frames or D-frames are more of a classic or decade trend. These two shapes have recently replaced the classic RayBan wayfarer and aviator as the go-to contemporary classics. If you are looking for a classic that is guaranteed not to go out of style anytime soon, consider these options. These are timeless classics and are perfect for classy events (those wedding photos last a lifetime)—you want to remember a moment in time, not a red-mirrored teardrop aviator trend. Even if we can’t get away from the “trends” of certain shapes like P3, we find ways to add our own flavor to trends. Finding this P3 frame with some details by cutting out part of the frame, adding texture and thin temples makes it unique yet classic!

So if you are looking to stay on trend but have a twist or totally go outside the box, come by Coopers Optique and sit down with and eyewear consultant and get spoiled.