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Ugly Sweater Plant Swap

Proof of vaccine or negative COVID test within 72 hours of event.
Live DJ, food, wine, beer, ugly sweaters and plant swapping!
Everyone loves free plants.
If you have any nervousness about what you are bringing, put it to rest. There are usually all levels of growers and collectors at a swap, someone’s going to want what you have. And who doesn’t love free plants!?
Do Trade. Don’t Swipe.
See a plant that you’re interested in? Don’t just grab it, see if the owner is interested in a trade. Don’t be that person just swiping plants off the table
It’s a plant swap not a “trade up”
Forget about “equal or greater value.” Leave those expectations at home. The object of a swap is not to trade up, or find wish list plants. Sure that may happen, but you’ll have a better time if you recalibrate your vibrations and focus on having fun and meeting cool plant peers.
Wrap cuttings individually
At home, they can hang out in a glass together. That is challenging for a swap. Pro-tip: Pack the end of the cutting in a moistened moss or paper towel, then wrap is in plastic, seal the deal with tape and your label. This makes transporting easy for all.
Label your cuttings
Whatever it is you are bringing to share, label it with your name and the plant name. It can be hard to tell one small plant from the next, no matter your growing experience. Plus, you’ll likely be all hopped up on happy from the plants and plant people, you’ll need that label when someone asks what you have.
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Dec 16 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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