Fitting eyewear. Beyond physical. Personality. Lifestyle.

Because people generally recognize you by your face (even more now since zoom has been a front runner in communication), the eyeglasses you wear are a very real part of your identity.

Whether you want to appear sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative, or style-conscious, eyewear can help you shape how you are perceived. And whether you are wearing one pair or alternating several styles. It is important to get it right!
Coopers Optique always wants to ask our clients to consider the different aspects of their life. For example, what type of work do they do? And when they are not at work, what type of activities do they enjoy? Are they an executive, business owner, retail provider or service provider? Perhaps they are an active outdoor enthusiast, a busy mom, a retired senior, or a student? Or maybe our client is a creative person, such as an artist or writer. Or, like most people, they have a lifestyle that that involves several different activities, interests and personality traits?

Everyone can benefit from more than one pair of eyeglasses, just as we all need more than one pair of shoes. Generally, wearing tennis shoes with formal wear is a bad look. Wearing the wrong type of glasses can be a similar mistake.

Frames for serious business

The best way to instill trust and confidence is to look at conservative frame shapes and colors.
• Classic shapes such as ovals, rectangles, and almonds

• Traditional colors of gold, silver, brown, gray, and black

• In plastic frames, no bright colors, or unusual shapes

Frames for creative and fashion types

Show your creative, fashionable side with modern and classic shapes in thicker and larger plastic frames. Multi-colored plastics, and retro or vintage frame styles. Updated versions of classic frame shapes with fresh colors, materials and finishes never seem to go out of style.

Frames for today’s seniors

Aged over 50 or nearing retirement? That doesn’t mean you have to wear out-of-date glasses. Men: get rid of those giant metal frames that dominate your face and show your age! Women: wear glasses with lift and a bit of color. You don’t need to fall victim to rimless frames or boxy glasses. Shapes alone can add a touch of youth without being overbearing. Shapes such as soft rectangles for men and cat-eye shapes for women are good choices to consider.

Frames for students

Whether you are studying in college, engineering, art or French literature, college is a time to develop your own identity — and show off your style. Maybe you are interested in a geeky, retro look? A modern frame with lots of color? A quiet, intellectual style? Unusual shapes, bright colors, larger sizes and interesting details such as color laminations — the choices are endless. Do not be afraid to express yourself during this exciting time of your life.