I can see clearly now…

Wearing masks again and dealing with fog? During COVID-19 pandemic all around, people are wearing masks to prevent from being infected. Wearing a mask has become important for everyone’s health and safety. However, if you are wearing glasses you know the issue of fogged-up lenses while wearing masks. The lens of the glasses gets fogged up when you wear a mask and the warm breath hits the cool surface of your glasses. This becomes irritating and messy. Thankfully, there are certain ways by which you can keep your glasses and vision clear even after wearing your mask.


  1. Putting your glasses over the mask

Pull your mask up over your nose and try putting glasses over it. By doing this way, the air will be blocked and your glasses won’t get fogged up. Make sure that your mask fits on your face and your nose and mouth are properly covered.


  1. Use a mask with Nose Bridge

A loose mask will not be able to block air from your breath and it will escape u to your glasses. Try using a mask with a nose bridge that you can bend and shape so that it fits properly on your nose and cheeks. Masks with Nose Bridge are more comfortable and effective as they do not let air escape and prevent moisture from hitting your glasses. If your mask does not have a Nose Bridge, you can also tape the mask down.


  1.  Putting a tissue on the inside of the mask

You can also tape a folded tissue inside of the mask at the bridge of your nose. This will help in absorbing the

moisture that escapes.





  1. Use soap and water

If your glasses do not have a special coating to prevent fogging, you need not worry. You can try washing your glasses in soapy water and drying them gently or air dry. The soapy water will leave a film behind on the lens that will prevent the glasses from fogging.



  1.  Using Anti-Fogging Product

Washing your glass lens with anti-fogging products before wearing can also help to prevent fogging. These products prevent the water droplets from building up on your glasses which causes fogging. We sell some anti-fog products for $20.00 in store!