The life of ZOOM: Dressing to impress the screen

Sadly, people will judge you by the outfits you wear, and this is even more true when it comes to first impressions. With many shifts in the way we work and interact, there is no escaping video calls and conferences. Because these calls are now being made from home, that means there is an more pressure to look and act professionally. If you want to make a good impression, you not only have to sound professional, you also have to look the part. Before “zoom world” you always wore your best interview or meeting outfit so you can dress to impress, but now being seen shoulders up, options are limited. Here’s some of our tips for success:


Many people plan the outfits they are going to wear to the office the night before. This principle should also be applied when you are planning to attend a Zoom meeting. Having your outfit (at least waste up) planned and in place early is a way to make sure you are not scrambling at the last minute to find that blouse and shirt you need for the meeting.


Accessorizing is important because it shows that you care about the way you present yourself, and you have good taste. Although not the only factor, a lot of employers and co-workers will view you with higher regard if you add some accessories that help bring your outfit together. In the world of zoom this would be earrings and of course… GLASSES!

The secret here is to ensure the accessories you wear do not take over and become the main point of focus. After all, you want the other person on the screen to focus on you and what you are saying and not primarily on your accessories.


When it comes to the eyewear for zoom, we always recommend having two pairs of glasses. There’s a lot of benefits to multiple pairs.
If something happens to your primary pair (breakage or misplaced) you have a secondary park to fall back on.
We always recommend doing a pair of plastic frames and metal frames.

Having a metal and plastic frame provides you with two totally opposite looks. You can have a colorful chunky plastic frame
and a toned down sophisticated frame.

So start off 2021 with a couple pair of glasses that you can change out depending on the viewer on the other side of the screen!