Tinting: Choosing how you see the world.

Tinted glasses are not only growing in popularity for an add-on choice for eyewear. They have a wide variety of benefits. For enhanced results, you should choose the lenses that best fit your lifestyle, needs, and preferences and of course Coopers Optique can help you in any way! We have seen an increase in people stepping up their game of standing out. Not only are they picking out bold and unique frames, but now they are having fun with the tints of the lenses! Here are a few benefits of tinting!

They Are Perfect for Indoor Use
Whether it is the fluorescent light, the glare coming from computer screens, or even the bounced light shining through a window, indoor lights can get uncomfortable. If you have sensitive eyes, tinting will totally shield your eyes away from the direct rays of the sun piercing indoors.

They Help People Suffering from Light Sensitivity
People who suffer from serious medical problems, such as chronic sensitivity to light, caused by migraines or traumatic brain injuries, will find comfort in knowing that tinted glasses were successful among potential remedies for photophobia and photosensitivity.

They Are Equally Great for Outdoor Use
Tinted lenses offer UV protection, so you can confidently wear your tinted glasses outside, where there is lots of natural light.
They Offer Athletes Competitive Advantages
One important benefit of tinted glasses is that they enhance contrast sensitivity, which is important for athletes, offering an extra edge of better vision. Let’s say you are an avid golfer, tinted lenses can enhance the contrast between light and dark patterns of the grass on greens, enabling the player to up their game. Similar principles apply to other sports as well, such as softball, baseball, or cycling.

Tinted Glasses Have Mood-Boosting Properties
Specific colors, especially green, are proven to have a calming, generally positive effect on both body and mind. This effect extends to tinted sunglasses. Because wearing them might help enhance and boost your mood, these shades might help you deal with depression and anxiety.

They Can Help You Be More Focused on Work
Research showed that seeing yellow, people tend to be more focused, especially under challenging conditions. Yellow-tinted eyeglass lenses also have a positive effect on a person’s attention level and ability to concentrate, hence people using them manage to stay focused while completing a task.

They Are Great for Reading
Placing a colored filter over a text can improve reading speed and reading ability. Some people find it easier to focus on a text (and they can do so for longer periods of time) if they have a colored background as opposed to a plain white background.
Tinted glasses are widely used as a remedy for dyslexia, a learning disorder that involves reading difficulties. However, prescribing vision therapy and colored lenses in the fight with learning disabilities is still controversial due to the insufficiency of evidence.

They Reduce Visual Stress
Visual stress is a condition that may cause reading difficulties, headaches and visual problems from exposure to patterns in text. Tinted lenses help people who suffer from visual stress by removing any glare the person might receive from the page and by reducing fatigue when reading. The color of the glasses that works best is dependent on each individual.

They Are Great for Computer Use
If your job (or lifestyle) implies long periods of time spent in front of a computer screen, it’s common to experience eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes, and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome. One way to filter the potentially harmful glare associated with electronic devices is to use a pair of tinted glasses. Your best bet is to opt for yellow or amber tints which will help you focus better. But also make sure to use the blue light filter on your electronic device, which will significantly decrease the amount of blue light displayed on your screen, enhancing the level of protection even further.

They Are a Remedy Against Eye Floaters
Eye flashes and floaters are common and, generally, they aren’t a threat to your vision or eyesight. Wearing tinted lenses minimizes the amount of light that enters our eyes, hence the floaters are much fainter and easier to ignore. So, while wearing tinted glasses will not make your floaters go away entirely, it will make them a lot more manageable and less annoying. Glasses for floaters usually have a darker tint which reduces glare and protects their vision from bright light conditions.

They Can Be Worn While Driving
Not all tinted lenses are suitable for driving. A general recommendation would be to use the low-intensity tinted lenses (20%). Lenses with light transmission less than 75% are entirely inadequate for night driving. Moreover, studies have proven that yellow lens glasses don’t improve drivers’ night vision (as opposed to popular belief) so for your own safety, make sure you use glasses that don’t impair your vision in any way.

They Can Be Worn For Aesthetic Purposes