What’s next for Coopers Optique?

That is the question that I get asked daily… Almost all of the small businesses in the area (pre-corona-virus) were open, operating, established. But what about Coopers Optique? We were in the middle of building a brick-and-mortar and providing mobile services. We instantly knew that we weren’t in similar boats as all of our small-business friends.

The one thing we did know, was that this wasn’t going to stop us from reaching our goals. We are still actively using social media to build up a strong following, we are still lining up everything so once the “stay-at-home” is lifted, we can resume build out and prepare to open.

But what happens after the “stay-at-home?”

Well the answer isn’t definitive, but we have a “Plan B.”

As now, we all realistically know that nothing will go back to “normal” until there is a vaccine which could be 18+ months. So we had to start thinking about how we can keep our goals, values and aspirations in tact, and still be successful.

We are excited to take the challenges of the post-corona-virus society and thrive! Here are a few ideas that we are considering…

  1. We are still going to be open to the public and will follow all restrictions that will be set by the local government.
  2. We will continue to provide mobile optician services. We will have an optician come to you, pick out glasses, get proper measurments, bring the chosen frames back to the store, fill the prescription and bring the frames back to you for dispensing.
  3. We will ask our clients to make an appointment to shop for eyewear, adjustments/repairs, or dispensing. (As much as possible)
  4. We will allow potential walk-ins as long as we follow any guidelines that may have a restriction on the amount of clients allowed in the space.
  5. We will adjust our hours of operations. Possibly having the store open Tuesday-Saturday and Monday’s be mobile appointments.

Again, these are just some ideas. We are constantly thinking how we can set ourselves aside, stay unique and current, and provide the safest service to our clients.

These times are uncertain, scary, and have no guarantee of what the out come is. All we can do is push forward, plan for what is to come, and stay positive!

Please take this time to find positives in your daily life.

We Got This Seattle